I bought a robbe Nova sailplane when we were stationed in Germany in the early '80s. I built this v tail, pod & boom sailplane with its obeche covered 83" foam wingspan. Nice plane, glided well, and there was the problem, finding a suitable slope to toss it off of. Never really found a good one near where we were stationed.
Fast forward to late 80's Colorado...tried high starting it...scary tension in that surgical tube - flew for about 15 seconds. So, boxed it up and decided to wait for technology to catch up.

Recently, I came across a power pod on the Soaring USA site, and I got to thinking...the Nova plan showed a 3mm plywood power pod base that went between the wing halves..why not try an experiement?

This build post is that experiment. I had a Himax 2025-4266 geared motor sitting on the shelf waiting to be installed in a Fliton Flubber,...maybe it has enough thrust to push the Nova on a power pod...?
Since I was looking for the lightest possible drive system, the Himax seemed ideal. 2.8 oz weight, 42.3 oz thrust at a gear ratio of 6.6:1 turning a 12x8 prop on three LiPo with a 45 [mph] prop speed.

If I pulled as much weight as I could out of the old Nova, like its mechanical mixer with "standard" size servos, and replacing the now rusted rod-in-tube push rods, I just mught get the Nova to an AUW of about 44 oz with 2 14 gram servos, HK receiver with satellite, motor and power pod plus a 2200 3 cell LiPo in the nose to counter the heavy tail.

As you can see in the pics, the Nova has a BIG canopy, perfect spot for my HK micro camcorder to sit and peer out the nose...unobstructed by a prop.

Power pod consists of a 1/8" ply center "spine" with a 1/8" ply doubler on each side around the motor mounting point. The Himax uses a 10mm stick mount, so at 3/8" square, my ply mount is simple, easy to construct, and as of this typing, ready to be final finished.

So, as of 24 Nov, here is my progress, as shown in the attached pics.

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Name:	Nova power-pod-dr.jpg
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ID:	678Initial drawing based on the plan of the powerpod base from the original robbe Nova buildplan

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ID:	688Early fitment of the power system

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ID:	689The Nova with the pod fitted - testing for esc placement under the wing

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ID:	690ESC has long motor leads, so it can attached under the wing with velcro

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ID:	691motor leads test fitting

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ID:	692canopy off - have already removed the old mechanical mixer and two monster '80's vintage servos
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ID:	693Clearance for the 6" blade of a Graupner CAM or HK carbon prop blade from the motor. 12" folder will have a minor effect on CG when folded back. Just need to get more weight off this big V-tail. As I recall, it was a very stable flyer, with a good speed range

It has flow maybe 30 seconds since I built it back in 1983, so time for a new way to fly this thing!