Well, after crashing my Tazor on it's maiden flight
see: http://youtu.be/WmXvhJJ-mQU
I have choosen a project to replace it. I thought about building another one, but most of the components were trashed, even the StuMax 110-52 was damaged pretty bad! (Stu has come through big time by agreeing to fix it for me and charge me minimally. I love my Stumax fan so i needed something that would work well with it.
I got lucky and found that Robert Wagner at EJF.com had a BVM Viper already built that just needed electronics and a power system. after the financial blow of losing the TAZOR, Robert was selling this at a low price so I could't resist!

This is a beautifully finished Jet that should be very visible in the air, and is light and just the right size for a Stumax on 12S.
It is also a fast airframe that should zip around the sky pretty well.

I will post a few picture as I get if ready to fly. I might take a while, I won't get started until I get my fan back. Here is is!

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