Rotorway Exec Homebuilt Project      Last Update.....12/09/03

Maiden Flight
On September 12. 1997 the first flights were completed with the Rotorway Exec 90.After many final adjustments
and checks, the Exec 90 was taken up to altitude and flown around the airport area. This project has taken a little
over a year. There are many enhancements not called for by the factory to make this an exceptional bird.
Rotorway puts a practical low cost Helicopter within the reach of someone who is willing to do the assembly from
kit form. It is a two place Helicopter that runs on standard automotive fuel and has about the same climb rate and
cruising speed of a Cessna 152. The Rotorway of course will fly much slower and land almost anywhere.


Photos from Rotorway International's Home Page

     My Exec 90

     My Exec at Sun'N'Fun - 2000

     My Exec at Sun'N'Fun - 1999

     My Exec at Sun'N'Fun - 1998



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Here are some pictures of the project, along with a little narration.  Click on the pictures to see a full 640x480 version.

The Proud Owner (before transporting it to the airport from Bob's garage.)

A side view. Note
the tail rotor and main 
rotor are not on for transportation

Checking out the engine.   

Loaded up and ready to take to the field for final assembly
The Big Day!
rolling it out.
Tacking the Main Rotor Blades
First Liftoff!
Cruising around a little
e90rcacf.jpg (23183 bytes)
Quick Stop at a
Local Air Show
IFR Heli Flying.jpg (70826 bytes)
IFR Heli Flying
e90instr.jpg (49433 bytes)
Instrument Panel
e90seats.jpg (48601 bytes)
Seats, 4 point harness, cyclic sticks  

e90side.jpg (56308 bytes)    e90tkoff.jpg (41479 bytes)      

Click the pic below to view a 1.2 MB mpg video clip of the Rotorway Landing
   Exec flying.jpg (117531 bytes)   Exec at Maveric .jpg (83286 bytes)   Exec at Sun-N-Fun.jpg (563514 bytes)

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