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Welcome to the newest RC forum on the net

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You are one of the first members, if you haven't registered yet, it is very easy, click "register" and enter a little information, you will quickly receive and email that has a link in it that confirms you as a member and you are done.

As a member on the newest RC forum in the net, you could help develop the forum as one of the best.
We are looking for ideas, and welcome yours.

Some things you can use this forum for now are: Use it as a place to organize and share pictures of your RC aircraft. ( the Photo Gallery ) this feature is available to all users.
Pictures in the Gallery, will be randomly drawn from to display on the home page. Don't be surprised to see your aircraft in the "featured photos" widget.

Create a Blog, your blog is like your own website that you can maintain. The blogging feature is very easy and powerful. You can basically create your own website that can let you write about things of interest to you and information that could be helpful to others.

Buy or sell items. Everyone has something they would rather sell than watch gather dust. Everyone is looking for something new, or something already built for less that can be bought new for. Classified ads are one of the most important benefits of a forum such as this. Try it out, as the membership grows, this will be a great place to place ads.

Create a group! If you have an RC Club or other group with special interests and want a good place to have a club website, gallery etc, you can do it here! Just add a group, create the group page, let your members know to register here and then add themselfs to the group. Yes it is free.

This forum is going to be around for the long term. It is getting a slow start, but as more and more members sign on and contribute content, It will reach a "Flash Point" and begin to grow exponentially.

We have the bandwidth, the storage space, the domain name, the dedication to make this a fine place for Radio Control enthusiasts to share their enjoyment of the Hobby!

Help us get to the "Flash Point"; sign up, post in the Forums, create a Gallery, Buy or sell something, and start a Blog.

Feel free to add your comments or make suggestions below, If you see a misspelling, or want to suggest a better term, or title, or want to see another forum subsection, as a new founding member, your voice has power, we are listening.

You are one of the founding members, and we appreciate your contribution.

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