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  1. Robs F-15

    Here is Rob flying his beautiful F15 at Sequin.
  2. FLyFly Hawk on 12 blade ChangeSun 90mm fan

    This is a video of a flight of my recently upgraded Big foamy BAE Hawk, I have had it nearly 3 years, but it was previously powered by a 1800 rpm/v out runner in a Wemotech Midi. I put this 12 bladed CS fan in, and it has a lot more thrust. It really runs nicely, although this video isn't very good and the cheap FlyFly retracts are horrible, (I just changed them after this video).

    I am using 65C batteries and with these I am able to run up over 1000 watts, but most of the time it ...

    Updated 02-22-2012 at 08:35 PM by Richard Evans

  3. Bad Day for a Maiden Flight!

    Well, after building a beautiful "Tazor" with a Stumax 110-52 on 12 cell, and nice paint job, it only lasted a minute. Extreme bad luck struck and it was a total loss.
    check out the video.

    Updated 02-02-2012 at 08:07 PM by Richard Evans

  4. Sequin 04/02/2010 Tom Perry's F16

    Turned out to be a nice day to get some good video of Tom's F16.
    Quite a crosswind, so it took an extra go around to land, but Tom did a good job.


  5. Bob Fiorenze's F14

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