UKBL ~ 10 Second Banner Rotator

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  1. richevans -
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    The reason for the Crash was that I programed to much travel in the Ailerons, coupled with too much expo.
    this and the fact that the wind was blowing about 15 mph. The down wind run got it too far, and when it rolled violently when turning from downwind to upwind, I couldn't see well enough due to the distance and got disoriented just for a second. Thats all it took!
    I never let something like this get me down so, here is my next project:
  2. Richard Evans -
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    After many months building one of the nicest planes I have built, bad luck struck less than a minute after takeoff!
  3. Richard Evans -
    Richard Evans's Avatar
    I'm beginning to wonder how to set this Tazor up. I have a 9 channel JR 2.4 radio and I won't use servo reversers (I have a dislike for twitching, randomly moving control surfaces).
    so, sometimes my solution when using a Y cable where you can't reverse the servo direction of one of the servos to make it go the right direction (like when you have flaps on a Y cable), I flip the servo over so the arm is on the other side to get the desired operation. (I prefer symmetry though if I can achieve it) but I call this asymmetrical.

    With 2 aileron servos, 4 flap servos, two rudder servos, landing gear servo, nose steering servo, and wheel brake servo.
    Obviously I will need to use some Y cables and so I guess I need to plan the geometry and channel usage of how to install the servos and where two servos will be connected to a single channel.
    Here is what I'm thinking so far.

    Ailerons separate channels, mounted symmetrically Aileron and Aux1
    Outboard flaps, Y cable, mounted asymmetrically, aux3, mixed with LG?
    Inboard flaps, Y cable, mounted asymmetrically aux2 channel, switch operated.
    Throttle, throttle channel
    Elevator, elevator channel
    Rudders, Y cable, mounted asymmetrically, rudder channel
    Wheel brakes, Y cable, elevator channel (same channel as elevator, but programmed to actuate the valve on down elevator)
    Steering, Y-cable, Rudder channel
    Retracts, retract channel (5)

    So, does this look do-able? (JR X9303)

    1 throttle --- throttle
    2 aileron ---- right aileron
    3 elevator ---- elevator, Y cable to Wheel brake servo
    4 rudder ---- Y cables to two rudder servos
    5 gear --- gear ---
    6 aux 1 --- left aileron
    7 aux 2 --- inboard Flaps, switch operated
    8 aux 3 --- outboard flaps, mixed with Lg channel 5
    9 aux 4 --- wheel brakes, mixed with down elevator

    So, am I looking at this right?
  4. Richard Evans -
    Richard Evans's Avatar
    The picture on the left is the repaired version, cosmetically it isn't looking too good, but ti will be just as fun to fly!