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Jet'n in Texas

I guess I have gotten carried away, because I am obsessive about Electric Jets. Yes, I have some prop driven planes, but the majority of the 20+ aircraft I have hanging in the living room, stuffed in to garage, stuck in a spare room downstairs and taking up space in the RV are Jets! Some foamy jets, some balsa jets, some composite jets, and most have retracts, they range in size from 64mm fan jobs like my Sapak Hawk, to a 110 mm Stumax fan, all the way to a 120mm XPS Dynamax powered AMD Hawk putting out 15 lbs of thrust,
Whats next? an A10 Warthog that I am working on...

Stay tuned

  1. FLyFly Hawk on 12 blade ChangeSun 90mm fan

    This is a video of a flight of my recently upgraded Big foamy BAE Hawk, I have had it nearly 3 years, but it was previously powered by a 1800 rpm/v out runner in a Wemotech Midi. I put this 12 bladed CS fan in, and it has a lot more thrust. It really runs nicely, although this video isn't very good and the cheap FlyFly retracts are horrible, (I just changed them after this video).

    I am using 65C batteries and with these I am able to run up over 1000 watts, but most of the time it ...

    Updated 02-22-2012 at 08:35 PM by Richard Evans

  2. Battery powered AMD Hawk, will it fly?

    This will have the highest wing loading of anything I have flown thus far, so I'm sure I will be a little nervous when I maiden it. I would have maidened it a couple of weeks ago, but was taxiing out to the runway and the ESC poofed!.
    I have sent it off the the manufactorer (Kontronik) and they said it would be 3 to 5 weeks turnaround. So, hopefully I will get it back in a couple of weeks.

    This plane was bought used and previously was powered by a dynamax fan with a 90 sized ...

    Updated 05-22-2010 at 08:04 AM by Richard Evans

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