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  1. New Video of Bob Fiorenze's T-38

  2. Some friends flying on a warm Saturday afternoon in Texas

    Here is some video, and sorry, it was shot by an amateur who couldn't seem to operate the camera well (me).
    With the bright sun making the viewfinder impossible to see, I had to just point the camera where I thought it should be pointed and hope for the best. Some of it turned out ok, and it definitely was fun!
    Richard Evans

  3. Welcome to the newest RC forum on the net

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    You are one of the first members, if you haven't registered yet, it is very easy, click "register" and enter a little information, you will quickly receive and email that has a link in it that confirms you as a member and you are done.

    As a member on the newest RC forum in the net, you could help develop the forum as one of the best.
    We are looking for ideas, and welcome yours.

    Some things you can use this forum for now are: Use it as a place to
  4. Video~ Electric 3D night flying at the TEFF in Austin, TX

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