Eyes in the Sky

Richard Evans, has appeared in several publications, on web and in print.

Also, Richard has spoken on the subject of drones being used in construction at an AGC convention in Washington, DC

Aerial Imaging Planning

Every aerial mission is different. Planning a flight to meet all  the objectives is often challenging, and  experience plays a large role in the outcome.

  • Start with a project mission goal
  • Consider the weather, the angle of the sunlight    
  • Plan the flight path to use the best camera angles
  • Rigorously review goals and objectives
  • Have a checklist and execute it
  • Above all, perform the mission safely

The Drone Pilot at RCaviation.com has hundreds of hours of flight time using a large variety of Drones.  He holds a Part 107 remote license and also holds a general class Amatuer Radio Licence, enabling him to use long range transmission equipment.

   Here at RCaviation, Using radio control aircraft for video and photos is not a new thing. Videos and photos reveal a perspective that is informational as well as beautiful.

I began using Radio control helicopters for capturing imagery from the the aerial perspective in the 1990s. Now thanks to technology, we can easily capture amazing visual media that can be used for imagery and data with affordable equipment

   I have always been fascinated with that technology where flight and photography meet.

Richard Evans   28.11.2016

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